Fallen London!

I've been playing Fallen London for a few days now. It's a free-to-play browser game I got interested in because everyone and their mother is talking about Sunless Sea at »

Adam Raised a Cain

I watched the final episode of Sons of Anarchy this morning. I was sick the last couple of days, so I had a bit of time and ended up finishing »

Nuclear Molyneuxdown

If this was done to a normal person on the Internet by another person, you'd probably call it "trolling". If it's done to a legendary games developer by a games »

Windows 10 Editorial

Well, that Windows 10 livestream was disappointing, security-wise. In fact, that whole presentation was pretty horrible. They clearly went for an Apple-style event and failed miserably. Several of the guys »

The Future of Windows

You've probably noticed the frequency of posts on this blog declining again. That's mostly because it has been a very busy month for me — yet again. And it's not »

St. Pauli Nights

Last night, I drove up to Hamburg with a good mate and we met up with Katy at a political cabaret one of our friends from Bonn was putting on »

The Crow Flies Straight

I'm deep into the 6th Season of Sons of Anarchy at the moment. This is probably my favourite show since Der Letzte Bulle now. It's brilliant. In fact, together with »

Dragon Age: Origins

Bioware's Dragon Age: Origins created what I regard as the most interesting modern fantasy RPG universe. It is very much high fantasy in its themes and scope, but also deals »

Too Scary

Alien: Isolation is a brilliant game — in fact, it might be too good. It' so bloody atmospheric and scary that I just can't play it. Don't get me wrong »

Uplink: Wearables & Spacemen

I've once again hosted another episode of c't uplink which was released todayDE. On this one, we talk about all kinds of wearables: activity trackers, smartwatches… you name it »