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About me

I'm a tech journalist working as an editor for c't magazine, the IT publication with the most subscribers in Europe. On the web, I write for heise online, Germany's authoritative tech news site. I also run Sixgun Productions, a small podcast network, in my free time.


I mostly write about the impact of information security on systems and society. I'm especially interested in web application vulnerabilities and the insanity of firmware flaws in the so-called internet of things.

Open Source

I've got years of experience as a Linux user and have been covering the usage and development of open source software in various ways since 2006. The intricacies of free software licensing fascinate me to no end.


Having been a gamer since I laid hands on my first computer at age six, games journalism has always intrigued me. In recent years, I've started writing reviews of games myself, mostly of strategy titles and RPGs.

My Blog

I regularly write about interesting things I come across in my web travels on my blog Hack Noir. It is mostly filled with things I find annoying or that seem dangerously stupid to me. This mostly stems from topics I research for my day job and the podcasts I host. I try to promote common sense in a world that has moved on.

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Fabian A. Scherschel

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Please only contact me on the phone if it is absolutely necessary. I prefer asynchronous communication via email.